Bay Area Teachers Center
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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bay Area Teachers Center is to inspire, prepare and support new teachers, and to set them on the path toward becoming master teachers.

The Bay Area Teachers Center credential candidates work at the intersection of theory and practice and benefit from the best of teacher-constructed and university-generated knowledge about teaching and learning.

Given the dramatic need for students to learn from excellent teachers from varied backgrounds, the Bay Area Teachers Center serves a diverse population of new teachers.

The Bay Area Teachers Center further demonstrates an effective partnership among public and private schools and organizations, sharing vision, expertise, and resources for the benefit of the greater community. The program is designed primarily for working teachers wishing to complete credential work. Non-working teachers may arrange their own student teaching placement.


Mission Statement

"The BATC's flexibility, caring, and the quality of the learning experience was definitely a 'thumbs up' experience. I'd recommend it to colleagues."

- Stacy Emory, Teacher