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How can the Bay Area Teachers Center offer credential coursework if it is not a university or college?
BATC is a program of Lick-Wilmerding High School in partnership with San Francisco State University.  The units required for the credential are awarded by San Francisco State University through the College of Extended Learning.  San Francisco State University is accredited through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to grant valid California teaching credentials.

Why should I choose the Bay Area Teachers Center?
There are many features that make BATC an attractive option.  Classes are conveniently scheduled for working teachers and take a personalized, hands-on approach to teacher education.  The cohort groups form a collegial relationship that benefits group learning.  Teaching intern placements and student teaching is possible in a wide range of classroom settings, including public, charter, parochial and independent schools.

How is the student teaching requirement met?
Many of our students are working teachers, either in parochial or independent schools, or under an intern credential in a charter or public school.  This position itself becomes the “student teaching” assignment.  Master teachers visit the classroom regularly to conduct assessments and share their feedback with the credential candidates.  Some students without a teaching position can be placed in classrooms as student teachers.  These students function as volunteers at the school, and work their way up to increasing levels of classroom responsibility under the supervision of the classroom lead teacher.

Can I still become a teacher if I don't have a subject area specialty?
The State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that candidates for the Single Subject Credential have subject matter competency in the area in which he or she will be teaching. 

How can I satisfy the Subject Matter Competency Requirement?
Subject Matter Competency can be established in the following subjects which are taught at the secondary school level: Art, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science and Social Science.

A candidate can satisfy the Subject Matter Competency Requirement in two ways:

Coursework: To have coursework assessed, a candidate must contact the Credential Advisor at San Francisco State University in the candidate's content area. The advisor will evaluate transcripts and decide whether the candidate has met the Subject Matter Competency Requirement.

Examination: Candidates may meet the Subject Matter Competency Requirement by passing the CSET exam. These exams are given regularly in the subject areas taught in the secondary curriculum. The candidate must be warned, however, that these tests are extremely challenging.

How do I get started on the application process?
Read the How To Apply section here.

Is part time enrollment possible?
The program is a one-year program.  However, it is possible to spread out the coursework by completing some courses during the summer before the fall semester when the program begins.

What is the Intern Program? How do I apply for an Intern Credential?
That requires a multipart answer. 
Q.  What is an "Intern"?
A.  An intern is an employed teacher who has applied for and been granted an Internship Credential. Requirements for the Internship Credential include:

  • having a teaching position in a school district with which SFSU has an Internship partnership. SFSU currently has partnership agreements with the following districts: San Francisco Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, San Mateo County school districts, and some Marin school districts.
  • BATC candidates may also work in some charter schools as an Intern
  • being enrolled in a credential program
  • meeting the U.S. Constitution requirement
  • completing the 120-hour pre-service preparation requirement

Who is eligible for the Intern Program?
Applicants must be the "teacher of record" in their own classroom and not a substitute or paraprofessional. If you are a Single Subject applicant, you must be teaching at least two courses in your area of subject matter competency.

Will the Intern Program help me find me a teaching job?
The Intern Program does not place anyone in a teaching position. The Intern Program staff helps teachers who are already employed, or about to be employed, apply to either the single subject credential program and apply for an Internship Credential. 

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