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The Bay Area Teachers Center (BATC) offers a one-year single subject teaching credential program in partnership with San Francisco State University. Founded in 1997, BATC provides a hands-on, innovative approach to teacher education at Lick Wilmerding High School in San Francisco. Many of our credential candidates are full time teaching professionals working in independent schools, while others are intern teachers working in charter and public schools. Other credential candidates are just entering the teaching profession. The diversity of students in our program, and the wide range of teaching environments where we work brings a rich diversity and energy to classroom discourse and our learning community. While filling all the course requirements for a single-subject teaching credential granted by San Francisco State University, classes at BATC are small, discussion-oriented, grounded in real-world teaching experience, and organized around creative, hands-on projects. Classes are offered on evenings and weekends, to allow working professionals to attend.


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