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About the Program


The BATC offers a one-year, evening and weekend credential program. Participants can earn their Single Subject Credential in the following areas: Art, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Social Science. The Bay Area Teachers Center program meets the current CCTC SB 2042 standards.

Program Offerings

Course Description Units
SED 701 Social, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Education 3 units
SED 751 Classroom Environment 3 units
SED 759 Curriculum and Instruction I (offered at SFSU) 3 units
SED 640 Supervised Observation / Participation in Public Schools 3 units
SED 720 Literacy Across Content Areas 3 units
SED 769

**Curriculum and Instruction II (Offered at SFSU)

3 units
SED 752 **Professional Perspectives and Practices 3 units
SED 660 Student Teaching 9 units
SED 790 **Second Language Development 3 units
SED 800 Adolescent Development 3 units
36 units

**Courses require prerequisites


Single Subject Credential

Credential Courses

Admission Requirements

Financial Assistance

"I chose to take longer than the one year period, and the flexibility of the BATC helped me to make it through without much of the stress I would've felt otherwise."

- Mikaela Sims, Teacher